[Flac] Question about residue and pdf

Fernando Alberto Marengo Rodriguez fmarengorodriguez at yahoo.com.ar
Wed Jun 9 16:33:10 PDT 2010

Dear list,

I wonder if the flac encoded file has a great amount of bits due to the residue. I mean, what percentage of the flac file has information of the residue? Is this sequence represented by more than 80% of the flac file?

On the other hand, which is the value
 typically adopted for the parameter "n" in the Rice coder? 

I know these results depend on the input wav file, but I just want to know some typical values for the cases already studied.

you very much in advance.

Kind regards,


Dr. Fernando A. 
Marengo Rodriguez
Acoustics and Electroacoustics
National University of Rosario
Rosario - Argentina

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