[Flac] FLAC: corrupted files

Harry Sack tranzedude at gmail.com
Wed Aug 15 05:36:36 PDT 2007


suppose I burn my flac files to CD (not audio cd, but just data cd with all
the flac files) and after some time the cd becomes damaged and some bits in
some flac files are read incorrectly by the cd-rom drive. So what happens
then with those flac files. Will doing verify on them fail? Will you still
be able to decode them to WAV with only some damaged frames so with
incorrect bits at the points where the cd was damaged (so only parts of the
original audio data is lost: only damaged frames) OR will the whole flac
file be damaged and not be able to decoded to WAV at all anymore (so the
original audio data is lost)?

thx in advance!
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