[Flac] encoding very slow (pauses while encoding)

Paul Jackson paulgjackson at gmail.com
Wed Aug 8 18:11:45 PDT 2007


I use the flac-113.bat batch file provided by synthetic_soul to
convert files from older flac version and have found that it works
great with one exception.

I have thousands of flac files and I drag the highest level directory
to the script which starts the recursive process and everything looks
great at first (encoding window shows constant progress).  But if I
come back a few hours later I will notice that the encoding process
has slowed considerably.  Looking at the FLAC encoding screen I will
see that it encodes to a particular percentage (say 41%) and then
pauses for up to a minute before continuing and possibly pausing again
before the file is completed.

Looking at task manager I see no CPU activity during the time that
flac appears paused.

If I cancel the script and start it again the pauses continue but if I
reboot the machine then the encodes start fast again (without pausing)
until a certain point then it slows down again.  So it seems like a
reboot will fix the condition that causes the pauses but canceling the
script and restarting does not.

This process is running on a 1.4Ghz Celeron XP SP2 box with 768MB RAM.

Has anyone else experienced this phenomenon and maybe found a work around?

Thanks in advance.

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