[Flac] New User FLAC Questions (3)

Tim ht_nut at earthlink.net
Mon Jun 27 09:26:14 PDT 2005

***ATTENTION MOD***  -  My original submission to you was bounced because I
sent it from the wrong email address.  This is a resubmitted of that email.
OK, I've encoded ALL of my 437 CDs into FLAC after ripping them (secure
mode) with EAC (man, I never want to have to do that again!  Took forever!).
Yes, I backed it up on 2 different removable hard drives!  After all of that
I am finally joining this mailing list and am posting my first 3 questions:
1.  Is there a way to edit the list of 'Genres' in the "Tag Conf" dialog?
It takes time to scroll through that entire list looking for the few genres
I listen to.  Is there a way to eliminate the ones I have no use for (ex.
"Polsk Punk", "NegerPunk", etc)?
2.  In the "output directory", is there a way to get it to remember the last
place you output to?  So far I have to drill all of the way to the folder I
want (it  would be nice if it knew where I last was)?
3.  Why on some tracks does the cmd window scroll one step for each
percentage of compression completion vs. just updating the line (%) as it
does most of the time?  Scrolling back through the results is a mess if this
occurs several time during one album.
Thanks in advance for your replies, and yes, I love this program!
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