[Flac] Archiving CDs w/ Flac on Linux (and subsequent re-encoding)

Curt Sampson cjs at cynic.net
Mon Sep 13 09:41:00 PDT 2004

On Mon, 13 Sep 2004, Eric Sandeen wrote:

> Tested this on a live album (Johnny Cash Live at Folsom Prison) and
> there is no lost audio; tracks segue seamlessly as on the original
> disc.

Did you check that a) the cue points are the same, and b) you're getting
back CD-Text as well?

> ...it occurred to me that I should just flac the
> whole CD and add a cue sheet, and then back up to DVDs.  That way -next-
> time I need to re-encode to any format, I can handle ~1/20th the discs,
> compared to my whole cd collection.  :)

Well, probably more like 1/15 to 1/16, if my stats are anything to go by:

      Count: 831 flac files
      Total: 229 GB
    Average: 282 MB/file

Looking at that, and realizing that I've got probably another hundred
CDs not yet ripped, it hardly seems worthwhile to spend the time and
money burning more than 60 DVDs.

Maybe once we get blu-ray, and I can reduce it to 15 or so....

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