[Flac-users] Extending mp3/ogg application to play flac

Lars von Wedel vonwedel at web.de
Fri Sep 3 00:01:12 PDT 2004

 > not sure about the mad_fixed_t format, but probably.  all 
 > samples coming out of the FLAC decoder are linear PCM 32-bit 
 > signed ints. e.g. a sample from CD audio will be in the 
 > range -32768 (0xFFFF8000) to 32767 (0x00007FFF)
Mad_fixed_t is defined as a 4-byte signed int in the headers.
As the subsequent application seems to expect linear PCM, I'll simply
give it a try...

 > since the write callback will be called once for each frame, 
 > and the number of samples in a FLAC frame can vary, your 
 > write callback will probably have to write to an 
 > intermediate buffer.
Okay, I had this in mind but wasn't sure. Thanks for the reference.


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