[Flac-users] Extending mp3/ogg application to play flac

Lars von Wedel vonwedel at web.de
Thu Sep 2 02:24:00 PDT 2004


Flac is great and I have encoded all my "good" CDs into it!

Now I want to extend an existing application able to decode mp3 and ogg
vorbis to replay flac as well. It is a plugin to a set top box
application on Linux (VDR).

The existing code decodes into a mad_pcm structure using mad fixed point
format (mad_fixed_t).

I have read the API of libFlac++ and I understand what I have to do in

However there are two issues I'm unsure about:

 - Do I need to convert the decoded audio data delivered to the
   FileDecoderWriteCallback to be compatible with mad_pcm/mad_fixed_t

 - The mad_pcm structure expects 1152 samples per channel.
   How Do I obtain 1152 samples from the Flac decoder?

Any help is appreciated,

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