[Flac] Re: Compile error: 1.1.1 on Debian 3.0r3

Joel Konkle-Parker jjk3 at msstate.edu
Sun Nov 14 21:53:59 PST 2004

Joel Konkle-Parker wrote:
> I'm compiling FLAC 1.1.1 on Debian 3.0r3 with GCC 3.0 and nasm 0.98.28 
> on an AMD K6.

Replying to my own post...

Here's a temporary workaround: a README patch that says that you need 
nasm >= 0.98.30 for the build to work.

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--- README      Mon Sep 27 12:38:06 2004
+++ README.new  Sun Nov 14 23:49:42 2004
@@ -81,7 +81,8 @@
 libogg 1.1.2 or greater, or there will be seeking problems with Ogg FLAC.

  If you are building on x86 and want the assembly optimizations, you will
  -need to have NASM installed according to the specific instructions below.
  +need to have NASM >= 0.98.30 installed according to the specific instructions


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