[Flac] Solution to single-file CD archiving, with cue sheets

Josh Coalson xflac at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 2 16:07:08 PST 2004

--- Eric Gillespie <epg at pretzelnet.org> wrote:
> At first i used cdrdao to generate the cue sheets, as some others
> have talked about doing.  However, it crashes on a number of my
> discs.  I took the TOC-reading code from MusicBrainz and turned
> it into mkcue, which works on all the discs i've fed it.
> flac-archive now uses this to generate cue sheets.

heh, I did the same thing (adapting the musicbrainz code) except
mine generates a different output for the rest of my custom
metadata system.  it also has a little bit better hash than
CDindex (which doesn't use all bits of the TOC).  I offered
to publish it a while back but nobody asked for it.

> Also included is flac2mp3, which transcodes one of these
> single-file FLAC archives into one VBR MP3 per track.  This means
> you can play FLAC files on your home equipment, and MP3s on your
> PowerBook and iPod.

there is a new option --cue in flac 1.1.1 that can replace the
tedious --skip and --until calculation:



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