[Flac-users] Warn overwrite output file

Chuck H. Zhao chuck.h.zhao at sadbhuja.com
Fri Sep 5 07:12:02 PDT 2003

I have had this happen to me once:  Encoding of a .wav file was interrupted 
somehow, so an incomplete .flac flie was generated.  I accidentally ran a 
decode on that .flac file, which wiped out the original .wav file.

I suggest that flac adopt one of the following to handle the situation that 
an output file is specified with -o or implied, and the output file already 

1. rename the existing output file by appending _001 or something like that.
2. add a flag like --warn-overwirte-output-file , which will prompt the 
user for the overwrite.  I can easily add the flag to my batch file.

-- Chuck

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