[Flac-users] > Re: Compression of single-file CD image

Kerry Milestone kerry.milestone at natlib.govt.nz
Mon Sep 2 19:58:04 PDT 2002

Would it be a better ripping technique to read the CD as an image, rather than ripping audio?

>>> Andy Polyakov <appro at fy.chalmers.se> 08/30/02 07:15a.m. >>>
 > > Is it possible to use flac on a CD audio image (e.g. on the .bin file
 > > of a
 > > cdrdao .bin + cue-file setup)?
 > probably not.  I don't know the file format, but unless it
 > stores word-aligned raw PCM samples, flac won't be able to
 > parse it.

??? following works for me:

flac    -fr -fl -fp 16 -fc 2 -fs 44100 cdda.bin
flac -d -fr -fl cdda.flac

depending on your burner you might have to change the byte order.

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