[flac-dev] issue with flac versions > 1.3.2

Scott Brown scottcbrown at gmail.com
Sat Apr 23 17:25:01 UTC 2022

Thank you.

I actually modified the shntool source to handle WAVEFORMATEXTENSIBLE so I
can use 1.3.4.


On Sat, Apr 23, 2022 at 11:30 AM Martijn van Beurden <mvanb1 at gmail.com>

> Op za 23 apr. 2022 16:17 schreef Scott Brown <scottcbrown at gmail.com>:
>> Is there a flag to switch this back to the old behavior?
> Not yet. Technically the old behaviour could be considered non-compliant
> with Microsofts WAVE specification, but many programs, including FLAC up to
> 1.3.3 used it anyway.
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