[flac-dev] Two questions

Brian Willoughby brianw at audiobanshee.com
Tue Aug 10 04:36:10 UTC 2021

On Aug 9, 2021, at 11:31, Martijn van Beurden <mvanb1 at gmail.com> wrote:
> Op zo 8 aug. 2021 06:24 schreef Federico Miyara <fmiyara at fceia.unr.edu.ar>:
>> As I wanted to stop at sample Nend, I used Nend + 1, instead, to ensure that the sample Nend is the last one.
> Considering Nend, did the count start at 0 or at 1? The flac utility starts counting at 0 AFAIK, if your count starts at 1, that would explain this behaviour.

Exactly. If you wanted to break a FLAC into 588-sample pieces (say, for CD audio blocks), then you would ask for --until=588 and you could get exactly 588 samples numbered 0 through 587. The second piece would be another 588 samples numbered from 588 to 1,175.

It's always worked as I expected, but then again I'm a C programmer, not a Pascal programmer. ;-)


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