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Federico Miyara fmiyara at fceia.unr.edu.ar
Sun Aug 8 04:24:10 UTC 2021


I've discovered exactly why I was getting that skip/until error. I was 
just following what the flac detailed help (flac --explain) says:

       --until={#|[+|-]mm:ss.ss}  Stop at the given sample number for 
each input
                                file.  The given sample number is not 
                                in the decoded output.  (...)

As I wanted to stop at sample Nend, I used Nend + 1, instead, to ensure 
that the sample Nend is the last one.

So the explanation given above is misleading since the given sample 
number is indeed included in the decoded interval.


Federico Miyara

On 05/08/2021 03:35, Federico Miyara wrote:
> Martijn,
>> If you are looking for a tool, take a look at the metaflac command 
>> line utility. metaflac --list file.flac returns all metadata in a 
>> FLAC file
> Thanks, this is very interesting.
>>> 2) I decode using the option --skip=0 --until=1. I would expect to 
>>> get a wav file with only 1 sample, but I get 3 samples. 
>> Strange, I am not able to replicate that behaviour. When I use flac 
>> -d --skip 0 --until 1 file.flac I get a WAV file with a single sample 
>> per channel. I tested with a mono and a stereo file. Can you perhaps 
>> share the full command line you're using?
> It is embarrassing, I cannot replicate it either. The only explanation 
> I can find is that I was not running flac from the command line but 
> through the command line function dos() of Scilab. When arranging the 
> command string to pass to the function I used string variables instead 
> of the actual 0 and 1, and it is possible that they contained 
> different values from the desired (and believed) ones.
> Apologies, my fault.
> Regards,
> Federico Miyara

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