[flac-dev] metaflac --show-all-tags (patch)

Harald Dunkel harri at afaics.de
Sun Sep 13 09:03:39 UTC 2020

Hi folks,

I always wondered why there is no "metaflac --show-all-tags", in
parallel to --remove-all-tags. Attached you can find a patch for
your consideration. Sample output:

% metaflac --show-all-tags *.flac
01 Pigs on the wing (Part One).flac:ARTIST=Pink Floyd
01 Pigs on the wing (Part One).flac:TRACKNUMBER=01
01 Pigs on the wing (Part One).flac:ALBUM=Animals
01 Pigs on the wing (Part One).flac:TITLE=Pigs on the wing (Part One)
01 Pigs on the wing (Part One).flac:GENRE=Rock
01 Pigs on the wing (Part One).flac:DATE=1977
02 Dogs.flac:ARTIST=Pink Floyd
02 Dogs.flac:TRACKNUMBER=02
02 Dogs.flac:ALBUM=Animals
02 Dogs.flac:TITLE=Dogs
02 Dogs.flac:GENRE=Rock
02 Dogs.flac:DATE=1977
03 Pigs (three different ones).flac:ARTIST=Pink Floyd
03 Pigs (three different ones).flac:TRACKNUMBER=03
03 Pigs (three different ones).flac:ALBUM=Animals
03 Pigs (three different ones).flac:TITLE=Pigs (three different ones)
03 Pigs (three different ones).flac:GENRE=Rock
03 Pigs (three different ones).flac:DATE=1977
04 Sheep.flac:ARTIST=Pink Floyd
04 Sheep.flac:TRACKNUMBER=04
04 Sheep.flac:ALBUM=Animals
04 Sheep.flac:TITLE=Sheep
04 Sheep.flac:GENRE=Rock
04 Sheep.flac:DATE=1977
05 Pigs on the Wing (Part Two).flac:ARTIST=Pink Floyd
05 Pigs on the Wing (Part Two).flac:TRACKNUMBER=05
05 Pigs on the Wing (Part Two).flac:ALBUM=Animals
05 Pigs on the Wing (Part Two).flac:TITLE=Pigs on the Wing (Part Two)
05 Pigs on the Wing (Part Two).flac:GENRE=Rock
05 Pigs on the Wing (Part Two).flac:DATE=1977

Very convenient to get an overview, e.g. to look for typos.

Unfortunately I cannot access the git repository ("git.xiph.org took
too long to respond"), so I hope posting a patch here is OK.

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