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Martin Leese martin.leese at stanfordalumni.org
Tue Dec 11 18:44:51 UTC 2018

"Kurosawa, Taku" wrote:
> Hi Martijn,
> Sorry for the late reply again,
> The application we are preparing this time is not exactly similar to
> Replaygain.
> Replaygain as we understand is something which normalize the loudness at
> content provider side, but our application takes different approach. It is
> designed to normalize the loudness at player side, according to the metadata
> embedded within the content, which could be relatively big in its size, so
> it will be unfit for Vorbis comment.

A VorbisComment can store upto 2^64 bytes
(16 exabytes).  A FLAC metadata block is
limited to 2^24 bytes (16 megabytes).
Therefore, a VorbisComment can be orders of
magnitude bigger than a FLAC metadata block.

The advice to use a VorbisComment still looks

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