[flac-dev] [PATCH] doc: Add notes about subframe sample size

Ruud van Asseldonk dev at veniogames.com
Sun Jun 11 11:24:06 UTC 2017

>> I'm jumping in on this thread to make a few remarks about the spec. I
>> implemented a FLAC decoder by only looking at the spec, and I have a few
>> notes that would have saved me a lot of time if the spec had mentioned
>> them. They are obvious in hindsight, of course.
>> * If the channel assignment includes a difference channel, then the
>> subframe for that channel has one extra bit per sample in order to
>> encode the difference.
>> * The number of bits per sample for a subframe, is the number of bits
>> per sample of the frame, minus the number of wasted bits per sample of
>> the subframe (and possibly plus one for a difference channel).
>> I hope this helps future implementers.
> I would love to see a patch against the documentation for this.
> Erik

Here you go.

Kind regards,

Ruud van Asseldonk
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