[flac-dev] Flac build issue in debug win x32

Olivier Tristan o.tristan at uvi.net
Tue Feb 14 14:08:31 UTC 2017

Hi Guys,

The following code in CPU.c (line 155) won't link if you don't have NASM 
code built even if FLAC__HAS_X86INTRIN is true as 
FLAC__cpu_info_asm_ia32 don't exists and the else is compiled if there 
is no dead code stripping

         FLAC__cpu_info_x86(0, &flags_eax, &flags_ebx, &flags_ecx, 
         info->ia32.intel = (flags_ebx == 0x756E6547 && flags_edx == 
0x49656E69 && flags_ecx == 0x6C65746E) ? true : false; /* GenuineIntel */
         FLAC__cpu_info_x86(1, &flags_eax, &flags_ebx, &flags_ecx, 
     else {
         FLAC__cpu_info_asm_ia32(&flags_edx, &flags_ecx);

Maybe it should be an ifdef instead of an if ?

Thanks !

Olivier Tristan
Research & Development

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