[flac-dev] FLAC Visual Studio file tidy-up?

Orestes Zoupanos oresteszoupanos at hotmail.com
Sun May 15 22:23:17 UTC 2016

Yup, into win32\VS2010 and VS2015. I usually copy whatever old project
files exist and try opening them with the new VSxxxx edition. If an
upgrade is needed, I carry it out on the copied project files, leaving
the originals intact. Then proceed with testing all the configurations
and fixing any build issues.

On 14/05/2016 19:54, lvqcl wrote:
> Erik de Castro Lopo wrote:
>>> I'm looking to maybe move all the .sln and related Visual Studio
>>> project
>>> files (not the source .c and .h files!) into new directories under
>>> "win32\*" within the flac reppo.
>>> Any objections/tips or reasons to leave them as is?
>> Lvqcl and other Windows devs?
>> I'm ok with this if you are.
> I don't care much actually... THough I'd like to know exactly what files
> will be moved and where. Into 2 new directories "win32\VS2005" and
> "win32\VS2010", or somewhere else?
> Maybe it's better to ask those who use libFLAC in their Windows programs.
> Audacity devs? Winamp devs? Somebody else?
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