[flac-dev] [PATCH] for Darwin asm compile

Ozkan Sezer sezeroz at gmail.com
Sun Jun 12 18:40:53 UTC 2016

On 6/12/16, lvqcl <lvqcl.mail at gmail.com> wrote:
> This patch should fix https://sourceforge.net/p/flac/bugs/438/
> I cannot test it myself because I don't have Mac OS X.
> But the fact that such patch was included in Audacity means
> that it should be OK.
> Or maybe it's better to ask Audacity/Macports/Fink devs for comments?

It compiles for i686-apple-darwin9 when applied to the current git.
I also applied to a modified flac-1.3.0 decoder-only version, and it
compiled and ran fine for me on Mac OS X 10.6.8.


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