[flac-dev] Lets do a 1.3.2 release

lvqcl lvqcl.mail at gmail.com
Fri Jan 29 07:52:54 PST 2016

Erik de Castro Lopo wrote:

>> Currently functions in win_utf8_io.c are a compatibility layer for
>> libFLAC. I can't see reasons not to move win_utf8_io.c into libFLAC.
> Ok, lets do it.

I just thought that it's more complicated. All *file* functions should
really be moved to libFLAC. But other functions should not, because
libFLAC doesn't use them.

Two of them - win_get_console_width() and strlen_utf8() - are used only
in src/flac/utils.c. So it makes sense to move these functions into
that file.

But what to do with print functions (printf_utf8, fprintf_utf8, and
vfprintf_utf8) ?

1) keep separate share/win_utf8_io library, with only these three functions in it
2) move them to share/grabbag/snprintf.c
3) create new share/grabbag/win_utf8_printf.c file and move them there
4) move them to share/utf8 library
5) something else?

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