[flac-dev] Lets do a 1.3.2 release

lvqcl lvqcl.mail at gmail.com
Fri Jan 22 13:20:27 PST 2016

lvqcl wrote:

> Evan Ramos wrote:
>> Does my patch fix this issue on your end?
> BTW, your patch also changes MSVC solution/projects. What's the
> problem with them? I built flac/metaflac/libFLAC libraries
> with Visual Studio many times, and haven't noticed anything wrong.

As far as I understand the problem: if some program wants to use
libFLAC.lib, it also has to be linked with win_utf8_io, which is
a bit surprising because a program doesnt really need this library,
and this requirement isn't documented anywhere... And since win_utf8_io
is basically a 'compatibility' layer between libFLAC and Windows,
it makes sense to include win_utf8_io into libFLAC. Do I understand
it right?

Then IMHO all three build systems (configure && make, Makefile.lite
and MSVC) should be synchronized with each other, and your first patch
seems better.


I have some patches, but they either modify MSVC .vcxproj files,
or win_utf8_io.c/.h, so they conflict with patches from Evan Ramos.
So should they be applied? rejected? postponed until after flac 1.3.2?

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