[flac-dev] Lets do a 1.3.2 release

Dave Yeo dave.r.yeo at gmail.com
Mon Jan 18 23:47:59 PST 2016

On 01/18/16 01:46 PM, lvqcl wrote:
> Dave Yeo wrote:
>> The nature of the error implies AVX2 support that is missing but I'm not
>> much up on assembly,
>> Best to be safe so updated patch attached.
>> I've also opened a ticket, http://trac.netlabs.org/rpm/ticket/165#ticket
>> Dave
> I cannot find information what version of binutils supports AVX/AVX2/FMA
> instructions, but IIRC OS/2 doesn't support AVX instructions anyway,
> so it doesn't matter much.

Surprisingly, I've yet to have a report of an AVX related crash or trap 
(used in FFmpeg and projects based on it, Mozilla, probably others).
As I understand it, support is a matter of saving the extended registers 
during a context switch and perhaps our kernel had some future proofing 
added towards the end.

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