[flac-dev] some tickets on SF that aren't relevant now

lvqcl lvqcl.mail at gmail.com
Thu Jan 1 02:12:12 PST 2015

There are several tickets that can be closed IMHO:


Bug tickets:

#303: Text relocation on ia32
     Seems to be fixed in http://git.xiph.org/?p=flac.git;a=commitdiff;h=12022d90dd3adc9f37dc2b16358cbecfe3c5be1c
(and then bitreader_asm.nasm was completely removed)

#356: Missing MSCOMCTL.OCX
#373: FLAC Frontend crashes on W7 x32 HP
#378: go.bat Improvements Needed
#383: FLAC frontend completely broken
#394: FLAC Tester Fails Unicode Files
#395: flac path -- front end NO function !
     Related to the old 3rd party FLAC frontend / FLACTester

#390: mono WAV with channel mask 2 (front-right only) unsupported
     Supported now.


Support tickets:

#102: Can't encode on frontend if 'tags' or 'replaygain' is marked
#122: core flac tools
#123: core flac tools
#133: FLAC Frontend crashes on W7 x32 HP
#135: error message 'Run-Time...' HEEEELP!!
#136: FLAC Frontend will not Run
#137: Flac Frontend won't run
#145: FLAC run-time error
     Related to the old 3rd party FLAC frontend / FLACTester

#105: codec isn't working with windows media player
     The link in the FAQ does work.

#110: FLAC Crashes - BSOD
     FLAC cannot cause BSODs itself, so probably faulty hardware/drivers.

#112: --bps is not resampling my files
     Now flac prints a message that --bps and --sample-rate aren't allowed there.

#120: replaygain for 96kz?
#121: Add replaygain support for 24/96+ to metaflac
     Replaygain routines now support 96 kHz input.

#129: WAV tags default after burning?
#141: Burn flac files to a CD
     Related to burning software, not to FLAC.

#147: FLAC v1.3.0 Win32/64 Binaries
     There are official 1.3.1 Windows binaries now.

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