[flac-dev] Standardization FLAC through IETF

Tessa Fallon tessa.fallon at gmail.com
Tue Aug 18 10:38:51 PDT 2015

Dear members of the flac-dev list,

I'm writing to ask for feedback from the FLAC community regarding the
possibility of standardizing the FLAC specification through the Internet
Engineering Task Force.  I'm working with MediaArea on the PREFORMA project
which focuses on building conformance checkers for Matroska and FFV1. Since
Matroska and FFV1 are not yet formally standardized, this past July, I
presented a proposal for an IETF working group for standardizing
specifications for FFV1 and Matroska, both of which are open-source but
without formal standardized specifications.  We chose to bring this to the
IETF because of relevant past/ongoing work in the IETF(including the netvc
working group's Thor codec and Daala, and the Codec working group 's Opus
audio codec) and because of the IETF's commitment to open source standards.
  Input from the IETF community encouraged us to expand our initial
proposal from FFV1 and Matroska to include FLAC, and create instead a
lossless codec working group.

We're very excited about the possibility of creating a working group that
will address audio and video codecs as well as a container for AV archiving
and preservation.  We currently have support from both the FFV1 and
Matroska developer communities, and I wanted to take this opportunity to
ask the FLAC developer community if there is interest in and support for
moving forward with the inclusion of FLAC in the IETF working group.

The IETF process relies on volunteers willing to review and improve
specifications, and participation in the IETF process happens through the
IETF listserv.  Currently, discussion of this proposal will take place on
the IETF DISPATCH working group list--DISPATCH reviews new work for the
IETF prior to the formation of a working group (
https://www.ietf.org/mailman/listinfo/dispatch).  There is no formal
membership process for IETF--you become part of the IETF community by
participating in discussions of work and working on proposed
standards/publications.  In short, the standardization of FLAC through IETF
will rely on the flac-dev community actively participating in the
modification and preparation of the specification.

Best wishes,

Tessa Fallon

More information about existing IETF codec groups:
netvc working group: https://datatracker.ietf.org/wg/netvc/documents/
codec working group:https://datatracker.ietf.org/wg/codec/documents/
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