[flac-dev] [PATCH] apodization for struct CompressionLevels

lvqcl lvqcl.mail at gmail.com
Mon Sep 22 08:18:29 PDT 2014

Currently apodization function is hardcoded,
see commit <http://git.xiph.org/?p=flac.git;a=commitdiff;h=4e8fe85bceb245dfce07d1956b144e1cb6587c9f>

FLAC is locale-dependent so "tukey(0.5)" doesn't work for locales
with decimal comma.

But "tukey(5e-1)" should be locale-independent so it is possible to
re-add 'const char *apodization' member into CompressionLevels struct.

The patch is attached.

This will allow to easily change preset settings from "tukey(5e-1)"
to "tukey(5e-1);partial_tukey(2);punchout_tukey(3)" or something like this.
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