[flac-dev] vsnprintf_s and vsnprintf

JonY 10walls at gmail.com
Sun Sep 21 03:55:22 PDT 2014

On 9/21/2014 08:17, lvqcl wrote:
> JonY wrote:
>> You could just request mingw to include a vsnprintf_s implementation for
>> XP and earlier, mingw-w64 has already done so.
> I use MinGW-w64: it's XhmikosR's MSYS that contains
> "MinGW-w64 build of GCC/Binutils for Windows" from nevcairiel.
> It has mingw-w64 3.1.0 inside.
> But I thought that MinGW-w64 links with msvcrt.dll and
> uses vsnprintf_s from it. Are you sure that MinGW-w64
> has its own independent implementation of vsnprintf_s?

No, it falls back on an internal implementation if it isn't found in
MSVCRT. And furthermore, I retract my statement after looking into the
implementation, it is just calling vsprintf while disregarding the size.

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