[flac-dev] vsnprintf_s and vsnprintf

JonY 10walls at gmail.com
Sat Sep 20 16:39:26 PDT 2014

On 9/21/2014 06:58, lvqcl wrote:
> Erik de Castro Lopo wrote:
>>> MSVS version of vsnprintf_s is located inside (statically linked) msvcp???.lib
>>> or (dynamically linked) msvcp???.dll. They are part of MSVS runtime, and compatible
>>> with WinXP. So it is safe to use it in FLAC.
>> Oh, ok. I missed this bit. I know so very little about Windows.
>> However, if you compile flac on say Win7 using vsnprintf_s and then take
>> the dynamically compiled binary to WinXP it will fail, right?
> No, flac.exe compiled with MSVS 2013 (and dynamically linked with MSVC runtime) will
> simply require msvcr120.dll to run. On both OSes.

You could just request mingw to include a vsnprintf_s implementation for
XP and earlier, mingw-w64 has already done so.

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