[flac-dev] Retuning compression levels

Martijn van Beurden mvanb1 at gmail.com
Wed Oct 22 12:00:51 PDT 2014

Op 20-10-14 om 16:36 schreef Martijn van Beurden:
> Op 20-10-14 om 16:31 schreef lvqcl:
>> But your patch changes only two last presets (-7 and -8) so 
>> -6 stays unchanged. ( IIRC it should have 
>> "tukey(5e-1);partial_tukey(2)" as its apodization string 
>> instead of current "tukey(5e-1)" ).
> .... okay, I really don't know how it is possible I missed 
> that. Sorry. Here's the patch again.

Sadly, it turns out this patch requires another patch to fix the 
test_compression.sh test. The LP coefficient approximations 
don't work well with the noisy-sine.wav file that is used for 
this test. More explanation is provided in the commit description.
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