[flac-dev] Streaming silence with flac

Uli Franke uli.franke at weiss.ch
Tue May 27 07:04:22 PDT 2014

Hi everybody

I have an interesting problem:

I'm developing a streaming source for an icecast2 server using FLAC
(with ogg encapsulation) as on of the encoders to choose from. But due
to the run-length encoding of silence the FLAC does not output data of
course when the input is silent (all zero) for a long time. Icecast does
not like this of course and disconnects the source in case no data is
written before a certain timeout. This makes sense because any listener
likes to know in time how much silence to play. This leads to my question:

Is there a way to output small blocks/chunks/ogg pages instead
run-length encoding such silent passages into a single page? Or to force
the encoder to emit this data and start over counting? There's only
stream_encoder_finish but no intermediate flush which keeps the encoder

Thanks and regards

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