[flac-dev] PATCH for fixed.c/fixed.h

lvqcl lvqcl.mail at gmail.com
Mon May 12 07:42:49 PDT 2014

lvqcl wrote:

> Tests show that FLAC__fixed_compute_residual/FLAC__fixed_restore_signal
> are slightly faster when flac_restrict modifier is added to their arguments.
> (Encoding speed increase for flac -8 is about 2%. The difference is
> not very big yet measurable).

Sorry, there was an error: encoding speed increase is about 0.5% for 32-bit
encoder and ~0% for 64-bit.

encoding speed increase is equal to 1.5-2% for 32-bit encoder compiled without
-msse2 option (I commented out this string in configure.ac to do some other tests
and forgot to revert this change).

So, this patch makes little sense.

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