[flac-dev] R128gain & metaflac

Ian Nartowicz flac at nartowicz.co.uk
Wed Jun 18 16:01:53 PDT 2014

>b) According to http://wiki.xiph.org/OggOpus#Comment_Header
>there should be no REPLAYGAIN_*** tags in Opus files; Opus uses
>R128_TRACK_GAIN tag. If some audio player reads Opus tags then it should
>be aware of the difference between ReplayGain and R128. But this doesn't
The Opus replaygain spec is fundamentally broken, so let's ignore that for
now.  It is discussed ad nauseam elsewhere, but isn't going to change any time

I agree any replaygain reference loudness tag should only apply to other
REPLAYGAIN* tags, although placing R128 gain values (adjusted by some
arbitrary amount or otherwise) in REPLAYGAIN* tags raises some interesting
questions. As already discussed none of this *requires* a reference loudness
tag, but if there is one then it may as well be parsed. Who knows, maybe it
says something useful.  Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, nobody is forcing
you to use it or apply it to your music, so you shouldn't prevent people who
want it from having it.


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