[flac-dev] R128gain & metaflac

Martijn van Beurden mvanb1 at gmail.com
Mon Jun 16 02:22:08 PDT 2014

As far as I know, R128 as ReplayGain isn't really considered 
final yet (see 
for example), so it would probably be a bit early to update this 
in the FLAC source.

op 16-06-14 10:15, Olav Sunde schreef:
> I mention metaflac because there are a few shell scripts that 
> use it to write RG tags in a flac music library on Linux. With 
> support for Ebu R128 gain in metaflac (the calculation 
> according to specification, not an external program) it would 
> be easy to use, just change the cmd line for metaflac in the 
> script. Now that metaflac supports sample rates higher than 
> 48kHz this would be a good thing in my view. Of course it 
> would be nice to have this in flac too.
> As for R128GAIN, I've tried several versions but could not 
> make it work on any of my Linux distros.
> libebur128 requires compiling. Unfortunately I am not a 
> programmer and I never compile.
> I am aware that there are discussions on how to insert R128 
> tags in place of RG tags and make it work properly. I have 
> used RG for a long time, but R128 tags does a better at 
> adjusting perceived volume between albums so I prefer R128.
> I store music files on a Linux NAS and would like to perform 
> calculations on the same box. With foobar2000 (or JRiver win) 
> I'd have to do this across a Samba mount which is slow(ish)
> At 00:19 16.06.2014, you wrote:
>> Olav Sunde wrote:
>> > has anyone looked at adding R128gain code to metaflac so we 
>> can select
>> > to use this calculation for RP tags rather than replay gain?
>> Why metaflac only? flac is also able to calculate RG values.
>> And, as far as I can see R128GAIN 
>> (http://r128gain.sourceforge.net/ 
>> <http://r128gain.sourceforge.net/>)
>> is a standalone app, not a library. So probably it would be 
>> difficult
>> to reuse its code in flac/metaflac.
>> There is also libebur128 
>> (https://github.com/jiixyj/libebur128/ 
>> <https://github.com/jiixyj/libebur128/>) -
>> "libebur128 is a library that implements the EBU R 128 
>> standard for
>> loudness normalisation. All source code is licensed under the 
>> MIT license";
>> foobar2000 uses it to calculate ReplayGain values.
>> The use of R128 also raises the question about 
>> tag. Currently flac/metaflac writes 
>> but doesn't use it when decoding (it seems that nothing uses 
>> this tag).
>> R128 defines reference level differently, so this tag makes 
>> little sense for it.
>> IMHO it's better not to write this tag when (meta)flac uses 
>> R128 algorithm.
>> (David Robinson, the author of ReplayGain, thinks that such 
>> tags are useless:
>> http://www.hydrogenaud.io/forums/index.php?s=&showtopic=67823&view=findpost&p=603622 
>> )
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