[flac-dev] [PATCH] two patches of doubtful usefulness

lvqcl lvqcl.mail at gmail.com
Thu Jul 3 05:21:59 PDT 2014

Erik de Castro Lopo wrote:

>> There's the following code in stream_decoder.c:
> Like you, I don't see a lot of value in these. I think I'll decline
> these.

FLAC__lpc_restore_signal_asm_ia32_mmx compares 'order' argument with 4
and if it's greater then it jumps to FLAC__lpc_restore_signal_asm_ia32.

I wonder why the same wasn't done for PPC/Altivec: why libFLAC compares
'order' and 8 in C code and not in asm.

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