[flac-dev] FLAC metadata blocks and seeking

Neil Hinnant nrhinnant at gmail.com
Mon Dec 15 15:00:54 PST 2014

Hi all,

A few (possibly dumb) questions about decoding..

1. Is it possible to know the total size of FLAC metadata blocks in
advance? Do I really need to parse all metadata blocks until I see the
METADATA_BLOCK_HEADER with last-metadata-block == 1?

2. Is there a generally accepted best-practice for seeking if there is no
seektable present in the file? The format states *"It is possible to seek
to any given sample in a FLAC stream without a seek table, but the delay
can be unpredictable since the bitrate may vary widely within a stream." *Is
this delay just a fact of life, or is there any way to mitigate?

Thank you all for your help!
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