lvqcl lvqcl.mail at gmail.com
Sun Dec 14 17:23:20 PST 2014

Brian Willoughby wrote:

>> Currently the header of a decoded WAV file can be different to the
>> original WAV file because FLAC doesn't preserve 'fmt ' chunk.
>> For example: create a 24-bit stereo .wav file with WAVEFORMATEXTENSIBLE
>> header with channel mask == 3. Encode it to .flac then decode back to .wav.
>> FLAC creates a 24-bit stereo .wav file with WAVEFORMATEX header.
> Did you try this when using the FLAC command-line option --keep-foreign-metadata?

Yes. I created a 24-bit stereo .wav file with SoX. It writes
WAVEFORMATEXTENSIBLE 'fmt ' chunk and a 'fact' chunk. FLAC keeps
'fact' chunk but writes WAVEFORMATEX header.

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