[flac-dev] Two new CVEs against FLAC

Martijn van Beurden mvanb1 at gmail.com
Thu Dec 11 01:53:54 PST 2014

Op 11-12-14 om 10:05 schreef Miroslav Lichvar:
> but I'd rather see the real seeking bug fixed instead

I think I might have a fix, but it touches quite a bit of code, 
so it'll take some time.

I think the problem is that because bogus headers might pop up 
in the stream of which the CRC checks out, the whole frame is 
decoded to validate that a frame is correct. The bogus header 
might trigger the sanity checks that were made to fail by the 
CVEs, thereby the seek fails.

A fix for this might be not decoding a frame fully, (by making 
the /*do_full_decode=*/true in 
FLAC__stream_decoder_process_single conditionally dependent on 
decoder->private_->is_seeking) but instead implement more sanity 
checks. For example, it could be checked whether the sample 
rate, blocksize, number of channels and sample size in the frame 
header match with those in the stream info, and whether the 
sample or framenumber is in a sane range. This gives less 
security than fully decoding the frame, but it ensures the seek 
process will no longer fail because of these CVE sanity checks.

I'm not sure whether this will work, especially when there's no 
STREAMINFO block. This could be handled by fully decoding the 
first frame that is encountered to set these values from the 
frame header, but that would mean the seeking code becomes even 
more unreadable.

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