[flac-dev] MSVS: debug flac.exe uses release libogg_static.lib

Janne Hyvärinen cse at sci.fi
Wed Oct 2 10:36:08 PDT 2013

On 2.10.2013 20:27, lvqcl wrote:
> Ralph Giles wrote:
>> The way we've been doing the Opus stuff is to have the project files
>> expect a build in a parallel checkout. so:
>> c:\dev\flac\FLAC.sln expects to find an ogg build in
>> c:\dev\ogg\win32\VS2010\
>> Not as obvious as having a monolithic build, but it seems to work once
>> you've figured it out. And each arch and target can reference the
>> corresponding target in the dependency.
> Good idea, but... there are 5 folders in libogg/win32: VS6, VS2003, VS2005,
> VS2008 and VS2010. And FLAC provides solution/project files for MSVS 2005.
> Should FLAC project files refer to libogg/win32/VS2005? But I suspect that
> developers use mostly newer versions (2008/2010/2012).

The project files aren't compatible with FLAC by default anyway as they 
default dynamic linking to runtimes. Either one needs to bundle own 
project files that assume certain directory structure or some other way 
needs to be thought of. One option that would not require extra work 
from the user is to bundle the ogg sources.

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