[flac-dev] The next release (pre-compiled windows and mac binaries)

Erik de Castro Lopo mle+la at mega-nerd.com
Tue Jul 9 14:00:02 PDT 2013

Hi all,

I consider the last FLAC release a huge success. I expected to release
something with far more bugs and then be forced into another bug fix
release in short order.

Its seems the only real problem with that release was the lack of
binaries for windows and mac. I would like to fix that in the next
release which I am hoping to get out in the next month or two.

That leaves the question of how these binaries are generated. I've
spoken to Ralph Giles (Xiph) and he'd like make sure we know the
exact provinance of all binaries hosted on the Xiph web site. Its
not that we don't trust anyone, its just that we want to know exactly
what went into it.

My current thoughts are that the win32 and win64 binaries can be
cross compiled from Linux and packaged as setup.exe style installer.
Ralph also has a Mac and we could create a dpg or whatever is most
common there.

We would also like whatever build scripts used to build these FLAC
binaries in the actual FLAC git repo.

Does this sound like a plan?

Erik de Castro Lopo

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