[flac-dev] Tests not aborting when appropriate

Erik de Castro Lopo mle+la at mega-nerd.com
Wed Apr 24 05:34:11 PDT 2013

Martijn van Beurden wrote:

> I was running make fullcheck when I found something weird. After editing 
> the *expect.meta files , make fullcheck ran all tests and said "All 
> tests passed", but the output included this (this is the last tests from 
> test_metaflac.sh)
> > [...]
> > test case60: --remove --block-type=PICTURE... OK
> > test case61: --import-picture-from... OK
> > test case62: --import-picture-from... OK
> > Testing FLAC file with unknown metadata... OK
> > Testing FLAC replaygain 8000 (8000 x 1) ... awk: line 29: function 
> > lshift never defined

That's an error in the awk script, which is embedded in the shell script.

I know GNU awk supports lshift, maybe BSD awk doesn't. I'll investigate
that futher.

> I don't know why, but the test continues and says all tests passed while 
> that clearly isn't the case.

When the error is detected in the shell script it does abort. I'll look
at that more closely after I've figured out the lshift issue.

Erik de Castro Lopo

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