[flac-dev] Flac 1.3.0pre3 NOT lossless.

Marcus Johnson bumblebritches57 at gmail.com
Mon Apr 15 08:49:41 PDT 2013

original wav is 24 bit, 8 channel, size is 41.7MB
MD5: 8d38f7dec1dbd9b4645ad6978e0a8d41

wav encoded to flac with -8 -e -p, VERY fast, 1MB in size.
MD5: 315dce07d6a30b8060d3a80d960e3a13

flac file decoded back to wav, 41.7MB MD5: 8069fc2d6cf23d08da8019e41cfbd80d

Flac compiled with make -j8 -o3, on Mac OS X 10.8.3

passed all tests. :O
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