[flac-dev] Circular preprocessor define with MSVC

Ulrich Klauer ulrich at chirlu.de
Sat Apr 6 13:30:04 PDT 2013

in include/share/alloc.h there is this section:

#ifndef SIZE_MAX
# ifndef SIZE_T_MAX
#  ifdef _MSC_VER
#   define SIZE_T_MAX SIZE_MAX
#  else
#   error
#  endif
# endif

So, if we are on MSVC and have neither SIZE_MAX nor SIZE_T_MAX, we'll  
define SIZE_T_MAX to mean SIZE_MAX and SIZE_MAX to mean SIZE_T_MAX.  
I'm afraid this won't work ...

It is like this since commit a4c321e, before that it used to say:
#  ifdef _MSC_VER
#   define SIZE_T_MAX UINT_MAX /* What happens on 64 bit windows? */
I can't offer a patch because I don't know much about MSVC or Windows  
64 bit, but some kind of fix is obviously needed.

Additional random issue I happened to notice: There is no git tag for  
1.3.0pre3, the latest is 1.3.0pre2.


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