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At 09:33 02.02.2012, you wrote:
Thanks Erik, I'll check back.

This next is a feature request: Today it is not possible to know the encoding of a flac archive. Many new devices support playback of flac, however tiny processors sometimes have a hard time decoding files with the default encoding of -5 or higher, resulting in unstable playback or even reduced audio quality. A re-encoding to -0 often solve these issues.
Can you look at a way to store parameters used for encoding in an archive so we can check it later? 

Best regards

Olav Sunde

>Olav Sunde wrote:
>> very good to see activity on flac development again. I am not a developer
>> unfortunately, but I'd like to check with you if updating code for
>> flac/metaflac to handle high-rez files (24/192 or higher) for writing Replay
>> Gain tags is in your 'pile'  of things to fix?
>I think there are patches to do that in the queue. Perhaps you can check
>back in two weeks or so.
>Erik de Castro Lopo
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