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Thu Feb 2 00:27:30 PST 2012

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Hi Erik, very good to see activity on flac development again. I am not a developer unfortunately, but I'd like to check with you if updating code for flac/metaflac to handle high-rez files (24/192 or higher) for writing Replay Gain tags is in your 'pile'  of things to fix?


Olav Sunde

>Hi all,
>Some time ago, I foolishly agreed to become the maintainer of FLAC,
>the Free Lossless Audio Codec. The original author and maintainer
>Josh Coalson has been MIA since early 2009.
>The code has been moved to the Xiph.org git repo and I'll be trying
>to spend an hour a day on it until I get a backlog of patches reviewed,
>tweaked and applied. The main problem is that the FLAC test suite
>takes 30 minutes to run on a 2.8 GHz Core II Duo.
>The gt repo is here:
>   https://git.xiph.org/?p=flac.git;a%3Dsummary
>I encourage the keen to do a daily checkout and build. I will be
>building it on x86 and amd64 Linux every day and running the full
>test suite. Looking for someone to do that on Mac and Windows.
>Erik de Castro Lopo
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