[flac-dev] The FLAC website

Ralph Giles giles at thaumas.net
Mon Dec 31 21:51:09 PST 2012

On 12-12-27 3:28 AM, Erik de Castro Lopo wrote:

> My current understanding is that we intend to keep the web site
> on flac.sf.net and have a mirror on xiph.org/flac.

I was thinking about it the other way around, but that was the default plan.

> On flac.sf.net, we probably don't have SSI, so that's a vote for
> a static site. I am however all in favor of whatever can be done
> to make updating and maintenance of the site easier.

With the other Xiph websites we used SSI together with the svn:externals
directive to automatically incorporate the latest version of shared
resources in the live website. Git doesn't have an equivalent
of svn:externals, so we're talking about having to run some script and
push the output anyway.

I agree the doxygen pages should be generated from the live (and release
tag) versions of the code, not checked in.

So some kind of generator, even if it's just a hacky script seems the
way to go.

I also don't see an easy way to automatically pull the sf.net website
from the repository the way with do with xiph.org/flac. Sourceforge
still has shell accounts, but apparently doesn't support cron, so I'll
either have to set up a bot account to push updates, or just replace
flac.sf.net with a redirect page.

In the meantime, I've replaced the live version of flac.sf.net with the
contents of the flac-website repo. I'll update that manually for now.

If anyone can write patches, the highest priority bits are to add a news
item about maintainership moving to xiph.org, and updating the
developers page to point to the new git repository and this list.


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