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Rich Bowen rbowen at rcbowen.com
Wed Dec 12 11:18:56 PST 2012

Hi, I'm Rich Bowen, the Community Manager at SourceForge. I was just chatting with Fingolfin on IRC about the state of the Flac project, and I wanted to let you know that I've jumped into the fray. As Community Manager, I'm interested in the health of projects, and I spend a lot of time looking at projects like Flac that still get huge numbers of downloads, but haven't cut a release in a long time.

Anyways, I understand that you guys have picked development back up, but just don't have admin access to the SF project. This is where I come in.

I've sent email to the project admin of the project, to see if he's still reachable. I understand that you folks have already done that, so this is more a courtesy than anything else. If he objects, then we can't do much more, by policy. However, if he doesn't object, or if he doesn't respond at all, I'm inclined to give you guys the access that you need to do whatever it is that you want to do with this project - whatever that is.

So, please let me know, either her on the list, or off-list, if you prefer, what the consensus is that you want to do. Specifically, who would be added to the SF project (I'd need SF user IDs).

Ideally, with my official SourceForge hat on, I'd like for you to stay at SourceForge. But as an Open Source fanatic, I'm primarily interested in the health of this very important project, and whatever I can do to facilitate that.

--Rich (rbowen at sourceforge.net)

Rich Bowen
rbowen at rcbowen.com
rbowen at apache.org

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