[flac-dev] Where is configure

Cristian Rodríguez crrodriguez at opensuse.org
Tue Apr 10 07:14:35 PDT 2012

El 10/04/12 02:02, Ralph Giles escribió:
> On 9 April 2012 18:50, Danpoleary<danpoleary at netscape.net>  wrote:
>> I downloaded the complete src from cvs. and as normal, I try to run
>> ./configure, but it does not exist. All the documentation talks about it,
>> but it is nowhere to be found.
> Also please be aware that there's newer development at
> https://git.xiph.org/?p=flac.git
> The CVS repository at sourceforge.net hasn't seen updates in some time.

yep. to build from git..

touch config.rpath
autoreconf -fiv

"config.rpath"  is long standing automake kludge that is not needed to 
build flac.

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