[flac-dev] Anyone using Makefile.lite?

Cristian Rodríguez crrodriguez at opensuse.org
Fri Apr 6 08:08:48 PDT 2012

El 05/04/12 23:58, Erik de Castro Lopo escribió:
> Erik de Castro Lopo wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> I hadn't really noticed the Makefile.lites scattered throughout
>> the sources. Is anyone using these? I'm really tempted to just
>> remove them all.
> These Makefile.lite makefiles are currently broken on at least the
> following platforms:
>    * x86_64 Linux
>    * i386 and x86_64 OSX
> Even compiling on i386 Linux is broken.
> These will be dumped unless someone is willing to fix them.

I believe that is not going to ever work currently, buildsystem depends 
on either automake/autoconf or MS VS..

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