[Flac-dev] Extended Vorbis Comments

Martin Leese martin.leese at stanfordalumni.org
Sun Jan 9 15:29:17 PST 2011

Dennis Brunnenmeyer <dennisb at chronometrics.com> wrote:

> Somewhere I thought I saw a list of proposed extensions to the small set
> of pre-defined vorbis comments. If adopted, would these become part of
> the FLAC standard, or would they stand alone as recommended practice.

This is something I did.  The spreadsheet is
called "FieldNames.xls" and can be found here:

Note that it has two sheets, the first of which is
the more interesting.

VorbisComments are not part of the FLAC
standard other than they can be included in
FLAC streams.  To that extent, if adopted they
would be part of FLAC.  However, my proposal
was quietly ignored, so I believe we can safely
say that it will not be adopted.

> I don't recall what was on the list that I saw, but ALBUMARTIST should
> be on it if it isn't already there.

Nope, not there.  That one didn't seem to be
being used in the wild.  What informaton would
you want to put in it?

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