[Flac-dev] Idea to possibly improve flac?

grarpamp grarpamp at gmail.com
Sat Jan 8 17:39:12 PST 2011

> whilst at the same time the development has ceased. I've found some
> severe issues with OggFLAC that essentially make it a useless format
> for streaming, no one cared.

Yes, this is sad. cdparanoia, which could be considered a strong
opensource meatspace partner to FLAC (along with cdda2wav)
is also effectively dead. All three living on only in the ports trees of
various operating systems. Minor bugs and doc fixes are always
needed. What's worse is, when the heat turns up on dead projects,
instead of just stepping up or handing off in a competitive/proposal/worthy
yet time limited process, the authors emit some sort of lame 'Hey yeah,
new release coming' message in an attempt to maintain ownership, which
of course goes nowhere. It's really just a disservice to themselves and the
community. Sad indeed. Have people forgotten what opensource is all about?
There are plenty of people capable of doing these two. Certainly ripping. Fork I
say. I love these projects, and their authors. So not as an affront to prior
authors, but for betterment of the projects, always.

And in regards to 'piracy'...
I think it's safe to clearly and plainly say that the idea of a
making their bread on CD sales is long dead. Not only did the labels never
care to pay them properly (among other things, including going pop), but the
digital revolution simply won't tolerate that model. Album production and sales,
whether physical or digital, are merely required promotional spinoffs now. I say
give that $10 you *might* have spent on used copy directly to the band
via paypal
and pirate away. Losslessly of course :) The only thing that will save CD is the
band being the rightsholder (elminating the traditional labels) and distribution
companies (who do only distribution) to a diverse range of retailers
for a flat per
unit fee just like any other category of distributed merchandise, groceries,
shoes, tools, whatever.

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